Free Image Downloads, Calendar, and More

Concept Art Idea Book

Free Image Downloads, Calendar, and More

Concept Art Idea Book

Improve your digital art skills

Get some free items today and improve your digital art skills. All artists struggle at times to put their ideas onto paper. This 24 page book showcases my own illustrations and discusses the processes I used to bring them to life. Clip Studio Paint is the digital media I used to create the pieces within. Both amateur and professional digital artists can benefit from this book.

The Concept Art Idea Book

The Concept Art Idea Book is available now on The book is available in ebook and paperback formats. Currently, the book is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited and can be easily downloaded for FREE. The book is meant for either the amateur or the professional. Everyone runs into roadblocks when they create. This work is a presentation of my creative process highlighting how I bring my creations to life. It is meant to provide inspiration to those who need and information for those who want it. While this does not discuss how to use specific software functions, it does describe process that can be used whatever digital software you chose to use.

You will find inside this book an illustrative guide to my creative processes. I share with you a selection of my favorite illustrations and discuss how they were created from start to finish. Are you stuck on your current project? Rest assured that after reading this book you will find new ideas to help complete your own designs.

Free Downloads

I am providing free downloads of my original art that was used in this book. They are intended for you to use freely to learn and develop your own style. These are provided in both Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop formats. Simply download the .zip file and the files are yours. The links are available below.


Space Drama Art Free Download (Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint Formats)


Wizard Spire Free Art Download Photoshop and Manga Studio Formats

You can also get a free 2018 calendar. The calendar is 12 months worth of all of the art I developed over the 2017 year packed into one handy dandy calendar. You can find this here.

2018 Free Calendar Available Now.

Your Feedback

I would love to know what you think about the book, the downloads, and the calendar. Since, all are available for free, I am only asking for your thoughts in return. You can either provide a rating, drop a comment, or send me an email whichever you prefer. At the very least I sincerely hope that you enjoy all of the products that I have available for you as much as I did creating them.

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